Source code for pyformlang.indexed_grammar.end_rule

Represents a end rule, i.e. a rule which give only a terminal

from typing import Any, Iterable, AbstractSet

from .reduced_rule import ReducedRule

[docs]class EndRule(ReducedRule): """Represents an end rule, i.e. a rule of the form: A[sigma] -> a Parameters ----------- left : any The non-terminal on the left, "A" here right : any The terminal on the right, "a" here """ @property def production(self): raise NotImplementedError @property def right_terms(self): raise NotImplementedError def __init__(self, left, right): self._left_term = left self._right_term = right
[docs] def is_end_rule(self) -> bool: """Whether the rule is an end rule or not Returns ---------- is_end : bool Whether the rule is an end rule or not """ return True
@property def right_term(self) -> Any: """Gets the terminal on the right of the rule Returns ---------- right_term : any The right terminal of the rule """ return self._right_term @property def left_term(self) -> Any: """Gets the non-terminal on the left of the rule Returns --------- left_term : any The left non-terminal of the rule """ return self._left_term @property def non_terminals(self) -> Iterable[Any]: """Gets the non-terminals used Returns ---------- non_terminals : iterable of any The non terminals used in this rule """ return [self._left_term] @property def terminals(self) -> AbstractSet[Any]: """Gets the terminals used Returns ---------- terminals : set of any The terminals used in this rule """ return {self._right_term} def __repr__(self): """Gets the string representation of the rule""" return self._left_term + " -> " + self._right_term def __eq__(self, other): return other.is_end_rule() and other.left_term == self.left_term\ and other.right_term == self.right_term @property def f_parameter(self): raise NotImplementedError